#FeministsAreUgly trends on Twitter, feminists hit back by posting stunning selfies

By Samyukta Maindarkar | dna Webdesk

The feminist movement has always been a widely polarising subject, with immense debate over what it should really represent, even as people on all sides of the argument aim for equality of women and their rights.

So when #FeministsAreUgly began trending on twitter, it drew a mix of reactions spanning from laughter, sarcasm, outright condemnation and, as those on Twitter are wont to do, retaliation. Several feminists responded to the hashtag by posting stunning selfies of themselves and of female celebrities.

Feminists are also reclaiming the hashtag and the word by posting pictures of themselves that are anything but ugly — not because they support the objectification of women, but to prove how ridiculous being labelled ugly for their thoughts and opinions really is.

The origins of the #FeministsAreUgly ​hashtag are still unclear. But to feminists — and women — whether they are ugly or not is not the question, as the purpose of feminism is to ensure that women are not meant to merely please the male gaze. Many also posted their selfies to show that they simply didn’t care whether their appearance did or did not appeal to the people around them.​


*Originally published on dnaindia.com on August 8, 2014