Second year running, maximum foreign applicants Afghans

By Samyukta Maindarkar | TNN

New Delhi: Continuing with last year’s dramatic rise in the number of students from Afghanistan after almost a decade-long absence, DU is all set to experience a similar trend.

Infographic credit: Times of India

Said Dr Tanuja Agarwala, deputy dean, foreign students, DU: “Afghanistan is definitely the country with the largest number of foreign applicants. Last year, about 80-85 Afghan nationals had enrolled in DU. This year, we have over 100 applications already.” Their first choice among them, especially in the UG level, is political science. “This year, we have also received applications from Chile, Brazil, and Pakistan.”

DU is home to the largest number of foreign students in India, hailing from countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mauritius and many African countries. The university also attracts students from the Middle-east, Central Asia and Europe. “China is another country from where a large number of students enrol into DU each year,” said Agarwala. “We have also had, for instance, students from Uzbekistan who are interested in learning music, especially Indian classical.”

“There has been a definite increase in the number of applications from foreign applicants since last year. We have already received nearly 2,000 so far which includes both undergraduate and PG courses,” said Agarwala.

*Originally printed in The Times of India’s Delhi edition on June 6, 2007, in the Times City section